Hombolt Technology Solutions

Hombolt Technology solutions are the future of affordable technology. No matter where any individual or company goes for technological innovation, the one thing that does not change is the language in the coding. Of course, there are advancements and manipulation of the coding, but when changes and advancements are made, a new name for that coding will hit the market. Technology falls under the definition of Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law describes the relationship that technology advances and the price-drop in cost for that advanced business technology in the future. So why is the quoted price for technology increasing?

The Answer

The answer is unknown. The unknown of computer/server language coding. Many of the proprietary databases seem complicated, and many large businesses to enterprise solutions require complexity. However, the various parameters and automation required to complete a given task can be solved using upper-level coding. For example, Node.js, Nuxt.js, MongoDB (Which is just a NOSQL database writing program using JSON-like documents written in basic HTML, Go, Javascript, Python, and C++), and many other possible coding languages.

Take Action and Save

The cost of technology does not have to be an expense that you pay monthly to a company on a per-user basis.  Many already-built databases that need minor alterations are designed with a lot of unnecessary add-on services that your company will never utilize.  Hombolt Technology solutions will customize directly for your company. The DEMO will be based on your company’s needs, using your company’s logos and personality, and be built for your company’s future growth.